Does your food photography cut the mustard?

By | December 20, 2022

Whether it’s a work lunch, Friday night takeaway or a family feast, food delivery apps have become the new norm. Ensuring your menu is a feast for the eyes has never been more important, but how to achieve those mouth watering, irresistible photos?!

Up until now, a carefully constructed description of ingredients and cooking style was enough to whet the appetite but this no longer cuts the mustard when you’re competing against 30+ local restaurants and takeaway joints. 

Quality photography tells a far better story than words in what is undeniably a customer-focused industry. Visual marketing creates an everlasting impression on the customer and helps capture their attention faster.

Although the food industry has been historically competitive, the Coronavirus pandemic prompted many food and hospitality businesses to step up their marketing efforts and therefore the bar has risen dramatically when it comes to food photography.

Deliveroo & Just Eat

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know there are two major players when it comes to takeaway food. Both platforms require specific shot types and offer basic food photography packages to their partners as part of the onboarding process – so why would you go elsewhere?

There are many reasons to invest in your menu photography, the first (and in our opinion most important) is the pre-production. Unlike the packages offered, we believe the quality, style and logistics of a photoshoot should be discussed and determined before your photographer even arrives. The narrative that anyone with a decent camera can rock up to a shoot and capture greatness, is one of the biggest misconceptions in our industry. Good pre-production and planning establishes the equipment needed, the inspiration and styling, and the edit requirements, giving you full transparency on your project right from the off.

Food Photography Logistics

With any brief and subsequent shoot, it is important for everyone involved to have a good understanding of the time requirements. When it comes to food photography, timing is imperative. ‘How many dishes can your chef prepare in an hour?’ ‘Will the dishes have a garnish or sides?’ ‘Does the dish perish quickly?’

These are questions a good photographer will ask ahead of time. The aim is to make the most out of each shoot, therefore having the logistics and shot list prepared beforehand is key to a successful output.


We’ve discussed the ‘before’, but what about after your shoot? This is where the magic takes place. A great creative team understands how customers operate and the post-production reflects this knowledge. Hero imagery with strong sub images are key, attention to detail when it comes to food photography is essential… no one wants to see that fingerprint or smudge of sauce on the edge of a plate! 

Good post-production brings the maximum flavour to your food. Perhaps the cheese didn’t quite melt to perfection on the day or the bun is missing a few seeds, no problem! Ensuring the colours and ingredients are aesthetically pleasing for the eyes and taste buds is crucial.

Investing in professionals to showcase your menu is much more than a fancy camera. It’s expertise, styling, logistics planning, lighting, highly-skilled editing and the list goes on.

In need of photography for your growing food delivery brand? The proof is in the pudding (pun intended), our food & drink gallery is a little taster for what SALT can offer. 


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